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Any tips on adding a monogram to my signet rings? Thank you in advance . : Silvercasting


Looked through your posts really quick to get an idea of what you’re doing. Looks like you’re casting blanks? Way I see it, there’s a few options.

  1. Engrave it after it’s cast. Either engraving tools, or flex shaft with burs, or see if a local jeweler has an engraver on staff.

  2. Change your pour setups so your not casting directly onto the face and make the monogram part of the mold. Sand casting this would be tricky.

  3. Silver solder a monogram onto the top of your blank.

  4. There’s some places that make custom stamps, could just get a big one and mark it that way.

  5. You could also rivet it on. Cast the monogram, leave a sprue for a rivet, make a hole through the ring and rivet it onto the blank.

Probably other ways too, but that’s what I have off the top of my head.


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