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Beaducation: The Blog: 2018 Annual Beaducation Newsletter

Beaducation: The Blog: 2018 Annual Beaducation Newsletter

They say a new year is a fresh start, full of positive changes. Nothing could be more true, especially in 2018.

We started 2018 saying a sad goodbye to our old location but with lots of excitement for our new space. We’re now located in charming San Carlos and loving it.

With change comes improvement and we’ve been very busy this year. We launched a NEW Beaducation Original Letter Set, Cowgirl Carnival, which is a favorite of many. Plus we launched over 50 NEW Beaducation Original Metal Design Stamps! See them all below!

We did more behind the scenes updates too! Such as adding the opportunity to pre-order new, soon to be released, stamps. We updated our shipping options, and now you also have the ability to either have us hold your whole order until any backordered items arrive, or send available items now and create a second shipment for the backorder items. Plus you can now see, sort and search a list of all your previously ordered items for easier ordering and tracking. Lisa + Mel show how to do this here.

We regularly receive notes from our customers asking exactly what we used for our sample pieces. When viewing a product, just click the sample image on the left side of the screen and you will now be able to see all of the tools and materials used!

We continue to do our best to exceed our customers expectations and these new improvements have been applauded by many of you. We thank all of you that have sent kind, wonderful notes and feedback to Lora in Customer Service. We read some of your notes in our meetings to talk about solutions or you know, get the warm and fuzzies. You all mean the world to us and we really mean that! 🙂 

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