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DIY Beadable Gifts for the Holiday Table –

DIY Beadable Gifts for the Holiday Table –



How will you dress your holiday table this year? Why not add some fun utensils like our selection of Beadable Gifts? Last year we visited a local lunch/catering business to show how to use these beadable gifts. We’re sad to say that the business is no longer there but we still dream about their delicious soups. Here are some ideas to reel in the festivities for the holidays.

Items you’ll need:

Toss and serve some fresh salads with a pair of Salad Serving Set. (A003251)

Get the Beadable Tongs (Z005787) for the mixed salads, fried chicken or as an extra pair of hands!

Help carve your turkey or ham with the Serving Fork (Z005605).

Cake Server Z007097 to serve up your favorite desserts!

Make it a memorable evening with a popping a bottle of bubbly and capping it off with a sweet Wine Stopper (A003264)

Check out our other beadable ideas to get you inspired:

Beadable Gifts Video

Check out our video HERE from 2019 on how to utilize these fun ideas!


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