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DIY Blue-Blue Straw Earrings with Deerskin Leather Lace –

DIY Blue-Blue Straw Earrings with Deerskin Leather Lace –



We’re ending the year with one of our favorites from 2020, straw earrings. We’ve paired our colored straw components with LeatherCord USA deerskin leather lace, a soft leather that can easily bend and shape.

Items used in earrings:

  • Z010962 – 3mm Saddle Deerskin Leather Lace
  • Z016790 – Turquoise Handmade Woven Rattan Straw
  • TC02360 – 11mm Brass Oxide Jardin Crimp End Cap by TierraCast®
  • Z002858 – Antique Brass Fishhook with 2mm Ball Earwires Blog | DIY Blue-Blue Straw Earrings with Deerskin Leather Lace FREE Tutorial


  1. Cut two pieces of leather at 5 inches.
  2. Fold one piece of leather and make a lark’s head knot through the straw component. Make sure the leather is laid next to each other and the front of the leather is faced the same way. (Refer to our earrings tutorial to see step 1 and 2 on making a lark’s head knot with leather lace.)
  3. Repeat step 2 for other leather piece and straw.
  4. Determine the length you want your leather to be. You can cut a 1/4″ off the end of your leather. Make sure it is a flush cut.
  5. Cap your leather ends with the TierraCast end cap. Using nylon pliers, crimp the end cap to secure the leather ends. Repeat for other leather and end cap. (As an option, you can add a small dot of E-6000 inside the end cap. Use a toothpick to spread it around. Do not use Super New Glue, it may discolor the leather where it is inserted.)
  6. Open earwire loop, slide on end cap loop and close earwire loop. Repeat for other earring.


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