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DIY Box Knot Leather Bracelet by Pat Netz –

DIY Box Knot Leather Bracelet by Pat Netz –



Pat Netz, one of our participating members from our Facebook Group, Goody Beaders posted a leather bracelet with a box knot. And we love it so much that we had to have her on our Facebook Live to show us how to do it. Make sure you check out the video HERE!

Pat has graciously given us a tutorial and images on how to make the box knot bracelet!

Here is what you’ll need:

  • (4) 12” piece of 1.5 mm leather cord
  • (4) 6mm TierraCast Barrel Beads
  • (2) 10mm TierraCast Crimp End Cap
  • (6) 8 mm Large Hole Gemstone Beads
  • (2) 4 mm Oval Jump Rings
  • (1) Magnetic Clasp

Other Tools:

  • Painters Tape
  • Toothpick
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Crimp Ends Bent Chain Nose Pliers
  • Flush Cutter
  • E6000 Glue

— CLICK for FREE Downloadable PDF Tutorial — Blog | DIY Box Knot Leather Bracelet by Pat Netz with FREE Tutorial


1.Place 2 pieces of leather vertically and 2 pieces horizontally and place a piece of tape over the center.

2. Take the top 2 pieces and loop down. Tape to hold.

3. Take the bottom 2 pieces and loop up. Tape to hold.

4. Now take the 2 right pieces over the 1st loop and under the 2nd loop.(working from right to left)

5. Take the 2 left pieces over the 1st loop and under the 2nd loop(working left to right).

6. Now hold all 8 pieces in center and remove tape. Start pulling cords to cinch in knot. To tighten pull opposite corners at same time.

7. With the 2 center pieces of leather, add 1 large hole bead. You may want to cut one end of the leather at an angle to help put the bead on. Now slide on a crimp bead, repeat 2 more times.

8. Repeat this pattern for the other side.

9. Crimp the crimp beads. I measured from the center of the knot to the center of a crimp bead approximately 1”. This will make a 7” bracelet.

10. Trim excess leather to put on your crimp ends. Cut one piece of leather on an angle to fit into end.

11. With a toothpick, add the E6000 glue into the cap. Push in your 4 pieces of leather and crimp. Repeat for other side.

12. Add the 4mm jump ring and the magnetic clasp.

— CLICK for FREE Downloadable PDF Tutorial —


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