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DIY White Cowrie Shell Earrings –

DIY White Cowrie Shell Earrings –



Can you hear this DIY calling to you? This pair of cowrie shell earrings is designed with enamel cowrie shells and our fun beadable links. Get this free tutorial today and be summer-ready!

Items used in earrings:

  • SB03778 – Sea Opal 11/0 Delica Seed Beads Tube
  • SB03818 – Precious Mix 11/0 Delica Seed Beads Tube
    Use gold beads in this mix or use SB00269.
  • Y005060 (2) – White Enamel with Gold Finish Cowrie Shell Component
  • Z001831 – 8mm Gold Plated Post Earrings
  • A006585 – 4lb Crystal Fireline Thread
  • AW00025/AW00002 – 20 or 22 Gauge Artistic Wire Blog | DIY White Cowrie Shell Earrings FREE Tutorial


  1. Add a foot of beading thread to your needle and add a bead stopper to your thread end, leaving about a 5 inch tail.
  2. Sew through one hole of beadable link and pick up Sea Opal and Gold Delica seed beads, alternating between the colors. Pick up a total of 9 beads. Sew down through the other beadable link across the link channel. Sew back through all the beads. Pull off the bead stopper and tie both threads together, tie two times. Sew thread ends through a few beads before cutting off excess.
  3. Cut a 3 inch piece of wire. Insert a third of the wire through the shell and fold wire. Wrap the longer piece of wire on top and around the shorter piece of wire.
  4. Make a simple loop with the shorter wire.
  5. Open loop, slide in beadable link and close loop.
  6. Open earwire loop and slide on other end of beadable link.
  7. Repeat all steps for other earring.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial where Tory demonstrates how to make this pair of earrings. Watch it HERE on our facebook page.

Earring design by Tory


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