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Do you need licence for silvercasting in your country? : Silvercasting


I live in Czechia and it looks like I cannot simply start smelting silver and start selling it on local ebay, because I need licence.

I cannot get licence, because I did not study gold craftmanshift for 2 years.

Even after that you need to have official craftmanship licence as a proffessional business and you cannot just sell it online on ebay as a person as a side job or hobby….

You cannot inprint “999/1000” marks or you are risking fine in realm of avearage 4 yearly wages even if you document whole pour on video from original bar….

If you want licence you need to store and disclose all your silver/gold with sforage locations and safety measures and allow regular “rectal exams” and if you do something wrong you are risking 10 years average wage worth of fine if you fail to adhere to these laws.

If you want to cast silver skulls like you do, you need to send samples to bureaus of each cast to check purity of metal to be sold and pay for testing it…

You guys are having it too simple or you are professional jewelrers… or do you need also licence for this?

I would like to have silvercasting as a side hustle but its not simply possible where I live…


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