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Furniture, Lighting and Organization — Maker Monologues

Furniture, Lighting and Organization — Maker Monologues


*This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate sales help me to keep this blog going so I can continue bringing you free content. Thanks for your support!

  • Pegboard Organizer from Azar

    We can’t have organization without the classic pegboard. You can hang all your hammers in beautiful unison lined up like little ducks from tallest to shortest.

  • Green Leaves Canvas Prints from Pyradecor

    You gotta have some art for some inspiration to spark your creative mind. These modern plant wall art prints achieve just that.

  • Faux Sansevieria (Snake Plant) from Nearly Natural

    Plants can make any space feel more lived in. Plus, if you tend to have a black thumb, this super realistic snake plant is the perfect solution for your space. Plus, with all the dust we accumulate in our studios, I don’t think we’d be able to keep a plant alive, lol!

  • Deluxe Solid Wooden Jewelers Bench from PMC Supplies LLC

    This bench offers everything a jeweler could ever need. It has slots to stick your ring mandrels into so you can hammer rings, it has a pull out tray to catch all your filings (or if you happen to drop a stone, we all know they disappear into a black hole if they hit the ground!), it has drawers on the sides, it’s even got pull-out arm rests! It’s so frustrating when you need a steady hand but no where to rest your forearm! This bench literally has it all.

  • Chevron Jute Rug from nuLOOM

    If you’re going to have an area rug in your studio, go with a natural rug. Fibers such as jute, wool and sisal are more flame retardant than synthetic fibers. This is of course if you use a torch in your work. If not then go for whatever fiber you like.

  • Vegan Leather Ergonomic Office Chair from COMHOMA

    This chair offers a sight of luxury with the vegan leather and tufted back. It’s so important to get a chair that’s ergonomic as we’re usually sitting for a long time when making jewelry.

  • 3 Drawer File Cabinet from TOPSKY

    A great tip on organizing your jewelry wire that you get by the foot is to store how you would your paper files. Have a folder for 16g round silver wire, a folder for your 10g beaded wire, etc. Then you have two other drawers for storing more tools and whatnots.

  • Benchtop Tool Organizer by Beadalon

    Oftentimes you need more organization than what your bench gives you. Other times you just want your most used tools within easy reach. This benchtop tool organizer is a jeweler’s best friend!

  • LED Floor Lamp from TECKIN

    I don’t need to convince you how important lighting is so you’re not straining your eyes, back and neck trying to see your work. An LED option gives you that bright daylight we need when working.

  • Let me know how you like this type of post and if you’d like me to post more about jewelry studio setups, furniture and organization. Let your thoughts in the comments below!


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