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How I Design My Jewelry Collections + Giveaway — Maker Monologues

How I Design My Jewelry Collections + Giveaway — Maker Monologues



With all your inspiration sitting in front of you try to notice patterns within the collection. For example, do you see a lot of geometry, a lot of fluid motion, a specific colorway? Here are a few elements you can design your collection around.

Theme: For example; nature, anatomy, celestial, religious, etc. While Oden Sleeps does this well with her collection focused around sacred symbols.

Material: For example, using a certain gemstone or certain metals or adding fiber to your metal designs. Acanthus is well known for her process of keum boo, which fuses a thin gold foil on top of silver. 

Color: Maybe you love the color blue and only want to use blue stones. Kokopilli does this really well using a specific range of colors like blue, pink, green and natural. 

Motif: You can use the same repeated motif, like a leaf, a circle, or a hand, that you use in every single piece, just in different ways. 

Cause: Perhaps you want to design a collection around something you believe in, like only using sustainable materials, or because you want to be a part of the fair trade federation providing income to women in small villages around the world. 


Get a pen and paper and start drawing any shape or motif you see repeated in your collection of images. Don’t worry about your drawings being perfect, just do a brainstorm of drawings. At this point I don’t worry about bracelets, necklaces, earrings or rings, that can come later, because you can take, for example, a circle motif and turn it into a ring, a pendant, etc. 

When drawing, you’ll start to notice a theme appear. Once you’ve settled on which motifs you want in your collection then you can begin designing how you’ll incorporate them into specific jewelry pieces like rings, bracelets, etc. 

Because of what I saw in my inspiration board, geometric shapes, a lot of brass and a cohesive colorway, I’m deciding to use brass as my main metal with colored enamel lines to accent the pieces.


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