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How to make a Macrame Braid Necklace

How to make a Macrame Braid Necklace


This macrame braid necklace looks more complicated than it is- if you have ever made a basic three strand plait or braid before, you can make this necklace! And if you like this tutorial, why not take a look at my Macrame Kits, eBooks and Digital Patterns?

The magic of this necklace is that is only uses a single piece of cord, rather than 3 separate ones to create the braid, and by doubling the cord up you get a fancy looking plait! And if a necklace isn’t your thing, you can easily make it into a bracelet instead.

You will need:
-Cord, I’m using 2 metres (approx 2.2 yrds) of 4mm 3ply cotton macramé cord
-Washi, masking or painters tape
-Tape measure
– 2x 7mm fold over ends, 2x jump rings and a clasp

How to make a Macramé Braid Necklace

1.Cut a 2 metre length of cord and double it over. Attach your doubled up cord to your tabletop with some tape. You want to leave about 25cm at the top (above the tape) leaving the remaining cord at the bottom to create our braid.

Macrame Braid Necklace Tutorial by Make and Fable

2.Using the long end, make a loop by bringing it back up on the right, then under itself just below the tape.

Macrame Braid Necklace Tutorial by Make and Fable

3.Bring the end back over to the right and down through the loop finishing with the long end on the right.

4.This now gives you three cords to braid with, just like you are plaiting hair! Start by bringing the cord on the left into the middle.

5.The bring the cord on the right into the middle. Try to keep the doubled up cords flat next to each other.

6.The ends will be getting a bit tangled; pull the long tail through the loop created by the other two cords. I find putting a finger on the braiding stops it from pulling out of shape.

7.At this point, you may find it easier to pick it up and braid, especially if you are used to braiding hair.

8.Keep braiding, bring the left cord into the middle, then the right, until you reach the bottom

9.To finish the braid, the last move needs to be bringing the long end over into the middle, which will actually now just be a loop at the bottom. It is always better to do this last move with room to spare, rather than trying to make it really tight.

10.Neaten the braiding by working back up, pulling the sections apart slightly.

11.Gently curve out the braiding, making sure none of the cords are twisted. The braided section will be approx 13cm long. You should have 20-25cm of cord left on each side to make up the rest of the necklace. I shortened mine, with each side being 15cm. Once the ends and clasp are added, this gave a necklace length of 45cm/18″.

12.To add the clasp, attach the fold over ends onto the cord, folding one side down, then the other, before clamping firmly with the pliers to secure. Do this on both ends.

14.Trim off the excess cord from each end.

15.Use one jump ring to add the clasp at one end, adding the remaining jump ring onto the other end for the clasp to hook onto.

16.To turn you braid into a bracelet instead, simply attach the fold over ends right at the end of the braiding!

Please share this Macrame Braid Necklace tutorial if you enjoyed it, and if you have any questions, leave a comment below, come and find me on Instagram or Sign up to my monthly ‘Making, Creating and Little Adventures’ email  where you will also get a copy of my Getting Started in Jewellery Making eBook! Happy Making!


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