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How To Polish Sterling Silver Jewellery – The Bench

How To Polish Sterling Silver Jewellery – The Bench


I became a polishing fiend when I started creating my own jewellery, there was something about taking a dirty piece of silver and buffing it to the point I could see my own crazed reflection that had me in awe! So today I am going to share how I polish a pair of my simple hexagon studs!

Step One: The Sanding
I always begin with sanding down my pieces, this part is quite methodical as I go from grade 500 then 1200 and lastly 2000.  When sanding, I always like to sand in the same direction to get rid of any fine scratches.

Step Two: The Polishing
This is just the first polish I give to my pieces (I did tell you I was a polish fiend!). Begin with adding some Luxi Blue Polishing Compound to your leather pendant wheel and begin going around the base of your silver, I like to do this in circular motions.

Step Three: Getting Rid Of Scratches
Once you have given your piece its first polish, take your extra fine rubber burr and go over your piece again, I do this in circular motions and also following the shape of the jewellery.  I suggest doing this once or twice.

Step Four: Another Polish
Go back in with your Leather Pendant Wheel and Luxi Blue Polishing Compound.  I never rush the final polishing stage as this is where you see your design start to come to life! Once you have finished with the polishing, give it a wee buff with a polish cloth, if you find there is still some scratches repeat steps three and four!

Step Five: Waxing
Don’t worry I don’t mean the painful waxing! I mean adding a wee tarnish protection coat, this is the last stage of my polishing regime and is also the relaxing part, it is where you take five minutes to breathe and actually appreciate the work that goes into your jewellery!

To use the wax, I pop a wee bit on a cotton bud (You don’t want a lot) and give my earrings a light layer of wax and leave to sit for 20 minutes.  After twenty minutes give your piece a wee buff with a cloth and that is done.

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Our jewellery is heavily inspired by the Art Deco time period and a focus on geometric shapes and is also individually handmade in sterling silver from every solder join to that last polish you can know your jewellery was made specifically for you!


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