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Id like to improve my bars. : Silvercasting


Just found this sub, great information. I was hoping you guys could Help me improve my casting. I’ve been pouring 925 bars recently out of a bunch of sterling silverware I’ve collected over the years.

I had no experience before these. I am using a propane furnace from Amazon of course with graphite crucibles and molds. My process is pretty much clean the silver ware with soap and water. Place into the crucible. When’s the metal is molten around 1900 degrees I shut off the furnace. Sprinkle some borax over the top. Stir with a graphite rod and continue to heat. My pour temperature is around 2100-2200 degrees and I am pouring into the preheated molds with a map torch on top then quenching.

I’d really like to get the ripple I have seen on some others bars. Thanks in advance.


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