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Make DIY Jewelry with PaperClip Chain Trend –

Make DIY Jewelry with PaperClip Chain Trend –



Paperclip jewelry is a hot looking trend for all fashionistas. It presents a very modern and bold look as it rolls away from the minimalistic and dainty trend. Its elongated chain link shape mimics the average paper clip office supplies.

Paperclip History

However, did you know that the paperclip is a ‘non-violent symbol of resistance, unity, and national pride’ during World War II. You can read more on its symbolic history HERE as well as some fun facts about paperclip. Because while you are getting into this trend, it’s one that has been a part of history.

Paperclip Jewelry on the Runway

My first initial look at the paper clip jewelry trend is from the HOT runway look of Stella McCartney’s collection in March 2019. The earrings were a cascade of colorful paperclips draped over the model’s shoulder. It was a vibrant look towards spring/summer jewelry with its multicolor paper clips and shoulder duster length.

Since then, it has evolved into the creation of elongated chains to mimic the paperclip shape. Its shape create length and bolder statement pieces.

Paperclip Chain Selection

Check our selection of paperclip chain in multiple size, thickness and finish:

  • 5.9×1.75mm Mini Paperclip Cable Chain
    Silver Plated, Antique Silver Plated, Gold Plated, Satin Hamilton Gold Plated, Gunmetal Plated & Antique Brass
  • 8.4mm Small Paperclip Cable Chain
    Silver Plated, Rhodium Plated, Antique Silver, Gold Plated, Matte Gold, Antique Brass & Matte Gunmetal
  • 11.6mm Thin Paperclip Cable
    Silver Finish, Matte Silver, Gold Finish, Matte Gold, Brass Oxide & Matte Black
  • 11.9mm Paperclip Cable Chain
    Gold Plated, Matte Gold, Antique Brass & Matte Gunmetal
  • 13.3mm Textured Paperclip Cable Chain
    Silver Finish Steel, Nickel Finish Steel, Gold Finish Steel & Matte Gold Finish Steel
  • 15.7mm Paperclip Cable Chain
    Imitation Rhodium, Gold Finish, Antique Gold Finish & Gunmetal Finish
  • 26.5mm Jumbo Paperclip Cable
    Imitation Rhodium & Gold Finish

Here are some of our DIY selections using paper clip chain.

DIY Earrings

Use a link of the paper clip chain to make connecter pieces or long chain length for earrings! The great thing about the LARGE CHUNKY paper clip chain we offer is that each link isn’t a closed, soldered ring. So can use two flat nose pliers to open the links like a jump ring, which is great because you wouldn’t be wasting a link if you had to cut them if they were soldered closed.

DIY Bracelets

Paper clip chain is very versatile and gender neutral. It’s chunky enough to be a hardy bracelet for men and a beautiful piece for some arm candy love!

DIY Necklaces

We’ve seen a lot of necklace designs with paper clip chain, especially pairing it a carabiner clasp or hanging a statement pendant or charm. Whether your choosing, it will make bold statement necklace or lariat!

Tell us what you think about the Paper Clip Chain trend!


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