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Metal mold? (insert into Mold?) : Silvercasting

Metal mold? (insert into Mold?) : Silvercasting

Total amateur here without experience, thinking about starting business and if its feasible at all.

Iam thinking about small series of 10-50 pours per design.

I would like to cast 1/2 or 1 oz bars with custom design. Idea is that I would use regular mold with CNC machined insert with the design itself placed on the bottom of the mold.

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The insert will be flat with areas of few milimeters extruding above the surface

Insert will be made of stainless steel (Do you recommend any other type of metal which will survive pouring and will not contaminate silver?)

I would design the insert to fit perfectly into mould, it will be CNC machined to detail. Do you know minimum radius of the design, which is possible to cast without issues? Should I use edge chamfer of the insert to reach perfect edge?

Are there any downside and risks in this plan?

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