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My gf is a jewelry maker and I have a question about proposing : jewelrymaking


First off I wanna say sorry if this breaks any rules but I think this community could give me some good advice! My girlfriend is currently in a jewelry making program where she is learning the craft and should be graduating soon. I joined this and some other related subs to get a better appreciation for her passion and have learned a ton! Anyways I’m really in love with this girl and I’m thinking about proposing when she is done with school! So here is my question: would you as a jeweler want to receive a bought ring or make your own? I was thinking about going all out on a stone to propose with and then buy the material she needs to make her ring truly personal and what she would want. However I could also see her wanting to just get a beautiful ring from a master jeweler so she doesn’t nitpick any imperfections she may make being new to the craft (I think everything she makes is beautiful but she is hard on herself). So yeah just wanting some thoughts from people in her shoes and I know everyone has a different idea of how they would like that moment to go but I figured this would be a good place to start!


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