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Silver jewellery making – Everything you need to know

Silver jewellery making – Everything you need to know


Silver jewellery making is understandably a very popular form of jewellery making, as the possibilities are almost endless and it’s always in high demand. Here we’ve put together a guide on all things Silver jewellery making to help you along your journey.


Silver jewellery making (AKA Silversmithing) is the process of making jewellery out of Silver. It is closely related to making jewellery out of other precious metals such as Gold, although the metals do need to be treated and worked with differently.

5 steps to Silver jewellery making

There are five basic steps to working with Silver:

  1. Saw the metal into the shape you desire
  2. File the metal
  3. Work the metal (by forging, hammering, texturing, dapping and/or doming it) to further shape it
  4. Solder the metal (join the precious and semi-precious metals such as Silver, Gold, brass, and copper)
  5. Finish the metal (by texturing, burnishing, buffing, polishing and patinating it)

What you need for Silver jewellery making

Hand torch
Soldering probe or pick
Soldering board
Ring mandrel
Rawhide mallet
  • Metal files: Half-round files, flat files and needle files
Metal files
Copper tongs or tweezers
  • A ceramic or glass pot for your pickle
Flush cutters
Needle nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Parallel jaw pliers
Silver solder
Silver metal
Polishing cloth
Mechanical tumbler
Face mask

Silver jewellery making projects to get you started


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