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The Best Budget Power Supply For Beginners Electroforming — Maker Monologues

The Best Budget Power Supply For Beginners Electroforming — Maker Monologues



  • Very easy to use and intuitive in using it to copper electroform.

  • Comes with a 90 day warranty.

  • It’s quiet, even when the fan is on. I’d say it’s about the same, or quieter than my laptop fan.

  • It’s smaller size makes it easy to tuck away on your workbench without taking up all your crafting real estate.

  • Shipping is fast from the Amazon store.


  • The amperage readings for this power supply will be slightly different from other ones I’ve used and seen. For a single ring I set my amps to .30 when using the TekPower 3-amp. But for my 5-amp power supply I own from a different company, I have to set it to .03 for the same type of ring.

  • Can be quite a learning curve when trying to troubleshoot issues.

  • Loud startup sound. It scared me the first time I turned it on but I assure you it’s totally harmless.

Who is this power supply for?

The TekPower 3Amp-18Volt Power Supply is going to be more geared towards the person who just wants to make jewelry as a hobby and perhaps begin selling their jewelry at some point. This is not for the person who has capital to start a jewelry business and is looking to have a production setup making hundreds of jewelry pieces.


As of August 9, 2019 the price is $54.99 + free shipping. The price point of this power supply makes it an affordable option to those who just want to make jewelry as a hobby and/or start an Etsy shop selling their jewelry as a beginner.

There are certainly higher quality power supplies with more amperage output, but with that comes a higher price. I plan on going over some other options for those looking to upgrade from this one, rev up their jewelry production or to make bigger, sculptural pieces.

Things to Keep in Mind

Some people have had issues with this power supply not working as good as it had in the past, or it just completely stopped working. Before going straight to “well, this power supply is broken”, keep in mind that your copper electroforming solution needs to have enough conductivity for the power supply to do its job.

Remember, that there are a lot of working parts when electroforming. A lot needs to be damn near perfect in order for this machine to use DC electricity to remove copper from your anode and deposit that copper onto the piece you’re electroforming.

Also, I’ve found that the shorter your leads are the better, sorta like using a 50ft extension cord rather than a 5ft cord, the power has a longer travel time which weakens the power supply by the time it gets to the item you’re trying to supply power to.

You’re going to have to learn a little bit about this process; the power supply, electricity, conductivity and copper electroforming solution. But I promise it’s not as difficult as it may sound and it’s my goal to help you in any way I can.


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