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Three Image Resources for Jewelry Designers and Beadmakers

Three Image Resources for Jewelry Designers and Beadmakers


I’ve been busy this weekend teaching workshops for the Baltimore Bead Society and one question that came up is where to find images that you can use for bead and jewelry making. Just a little FYI, images created before the 1920’s are public domain and you may use them royalty free. 

The Graphics Fairy – this website has tons of free vintage images to use in your projects. You’ll need to resize them and can use to do that for free or take them to a copy shop and have the images reduced to your desired size. 
Piddix – offers collage sheets for sale that could be used for jewelry and bead applications. They come in many different sizes so find the ones that fit your needs. She has some great Alice in Wonderland ones. 
Dover – is a publishing company that offers collections of public domain images. You can find them in your local library, bookstore or online. 

Here are some pictures of my student’s work. The Baltimore Bead Society is a great group, they were so much fun! One of the guild members took pictures today so I’ll have more to share soon. 


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