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What are the tools and Equipment needed for enamelling

What are the tools and Equipment needed for enamelling


From kilns through to sieves and paintbrushes, we’ll guide you through the essential tools needed for enamelling.

Essential tools for enamelling

Used for sifting enamels onto your designs and ensuring an even coverage. Sieves come in a range of sizes to cover small or larger surfaces.


Gum solutions can be applied to the surface of the metal to form an adhesive for the enamel powders to stick too, and is particularly useful when enamelling on curved or domed surfaces. It can also be used as an adhesive on wires used in Cloisonné enamelling.

Gum Solution

Used to add decorative patterns and designs to enamels during the fusing process. The right angled point at the end of the scrolling tool enables movement through the molten enamel to create marble effects, swirling patterns and much more.

Scrolling Tool

Used to fuse the enamel powders to the metal. A kiln is preferable when enamelling complex or larger designs as these provide more stable hot temperatures needed to ensure the fusing process goes smoothly.


Or firing stilts are used to support pieces whilst being fired in the kiln as it provides a raised surface to allow heat to circulate around the piece.

Firing Trivets

Enamelling Tools

Other enamelling items you will need:

  • Hand torch
  • Protective heat boards
  • Firing mesh
  • Kiln tongs
  • Pestle and Mortar
  • Good quality paintbrushes
  • Quills
  • Palette knife
  • Small pots
  • Glass brush
  • Wet and dry paper
  • Diagrit
  • Pumice

Setting Up a Workspace and Equipment

Kilns and enamel are safe to use in the workshop or the home, providing health and safety procedures are followed, away from distractions like children and pets. For a productive and safe workspace, have a clean and tidy work area, such as a table or work bench with suitable heat protective surfaces, good ventilation and protective equipment.

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